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First Breath


24 mei 2019 09:00
25 mei 2019 17:00
Berckhovenstraat 11, Malle, België   Bekijk Kaart

This  course will discuss the importance of the quality of the First Breath taken after the baby is completely delivered. The quality is not ‘measured’ by the noise the baby made, but by the force of the First Breath, if it has reached every cell in the body. With all the Breathes that will follow after the First one, although every one of them different, it will follow the ‘force pattern’ of the ‘original’ one. This means for the baby that the cells in the body will always remember the First Breath and ‘ built upon’ that. Although not noticeable at start at a particular part of the person’s life the body will decompensate and problems start, when the First Breath was compromised. STRUCTURE GOVERNS FUNCTION or vice versa. Not linking the problems, which are occurring, with the First Breath is understandable due to the delay in the symptoms appearing. But in the osteopathy we look for the cause in order to alleviate the symptoms. We will discuss some of the problems physiological and psychological that are related with the First Breath.

In this course we are looking more in detail at the diaphragm, why it is located just in the middle of our body, its embryology to understand the relations with all the other organs and fascia, its function and the impact every breath we take has on our physiology (immune and endocrine system, neurological and cardio-respiratory system, all mutual and reciprocal depending on each other),

Like A.T.. Still mentioned about the diaphragm: “ By me we live, by me we die.”


But the First Breath is much more than ‘breathing’  by taking in oxygen and moving our organs , improving the blood flow and lymphatic system. Every Breath we take comes down on a cellular level. If we are looking closer to the infra structure of the cell, we are beginning to appreciate every breath we take with the best quality possible. The diaphragm, the fascia, the cell membrane and cytoskeleton are all derived from the mesoderm and will keep their origin and the connections strongly in life.


The course will discuss also the psychological part of the First Breath:’ We are how we Breathe.’


Theoretical discussions will be followed by practical sessions:

– Diagnosis of the quality of the First Breath, if there has been a problem, asymmetry etc.

– The influence/impact on the Health of the person physiological and psychological, now and possibly in the future.

– Treatment to restore the quality of the First Breath and awareness of the influence of the breath in the whole body.


Accreditatie voor deze cursus wordt aangevraagd bij het GNRPO en NRO.

First Breath


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Vrijdag 24 mei 2019: 9.00 - 17.00

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