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Het hart en haar osteopathie


21 september 2022 09:00
23 september 2022 18:30
Bredabaan 940, 2930 Brasschaat   Bekijk Kaart
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The Heart. It’s commision – A.T. Still


Deze driedaagse post-graduaat gaat over osteopathie en het hart.

Content of the course:


The sternum – the mechanics and the clinical testing and its relation to the thoracic morphology and visceral content


Testing and corrective ideas of the different ligamentous connections of the heart/pericard

  1. in the thorax
  2. to the neck and cranium
  3. to the abdomen

Testing and corrective ideas of the motion of the heart/pericard in the thorax

  1. according motricitiy:
  2. according motility
  3. according mobility – from the inside
  4. according mobility – from the outside
  5. according mechanics of the heart
  6. according kinetics of the heart
  7. according kinematics of the heart
  8. basic physiological understanding of the heart

Clinical cardiology in osteopathic testing– insight in clinical flags and psychosocial flags




You will have gained following abilities:

  • Deeper insight in connective thinking of anatomical structures in the thorax with the heart as start or end point
  • Understanding and applying connective tests for the heart
  • Insight in motion dysfunctions of the sternum supported by ideas of the mechanics and kinetics
  • Being able to discern between a visceral osteopathic dysfunction influencing the sternum and a musculoskeletal dysfunction influencing the sternum and vice versa
  • Understanding the change in diaphragm interactions due to the heart and the specific testing of such interactions in a mechanical or a neurological mode
  • Specifying visceral mobility, motility and motricity of the heart related to the surrounding matrix tissue of the thorax.
  • Palpatory evaluation according a testing protocol, while understanding the connective heart dysfunction in relation with the thorax and towards the totality
  • Understanding basic technique principles for ligamentous connections like balanced ligamentous-membranous tension, fascial active and passive unwinding, mobilisations and manipulations, of the heart
  • Mastering a basic panorama of visceral techniques for the heart connections on a mechanical and kinetic level
  • Putting together an intermediary test & treatment plan for the heart in its connective interaction
  • Understanding the heart from a physiological and clinical point of view – being able to define clinical and psychosocial flags

Accreditatie wordt aangevraagd bij GNRPO & NRO.





Het hart en haar osteopathie


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