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The Stillian method and its application to the spine


16 februari 2023 09:00
18 februari 2023 18:00
Bredabaan 940, 2930 Brasschaat    Bekijk Kaart
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During this seminar, Dr JM AT Beuckels, DO will introduce you to the basic old school conceptualisations of the first D.O-generation. One can observe in the evolution of osteopathic therapy and medicine that the understanding of these old school treatment conceptualisations provided basic ideas for further progress of osteopathic treatment methodologies, technique modalities and research.


During his time as faculty member and ass. professor at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Beuckels had access to the college library and read the available original literature of the old school conceptualisations. He also visited a lot of old osteopathic physicians and practitioners in elderly houses to discuss early osteopathic conceptualisations. Later, Beuckels investigated these concepts at his department of osteopathic research and clinical osteopathy at the Witten/Herdecke University in Germany.


The main attention of the seminar will care for Still’s conceptualisation and his resulting method as a fundamental concept in the osteopathic treatment methodology. It will be taught from a point of view of the current work of Dr Jerry L Dickey DO, Dr Richard van Buskirk DO and the concepts by word of mouth, gathered and clinically verified by Dr JM A.T. Beuckels DO himself.

The course will also give a perspective of the development of the conceptualisation and its methodology in the early years of the old school osteopathic medicine and therapy, by considering some of the teachings of Dr. CP McConnell, Dr D Hazzard DO, Dr GV Webster DO and Dr JM Littlejohn DO.




A specific didactic and educational set-up of the course will be chosen to demonstrate the different concepts in practice. The seminar will, next to a presentation of the theoretical osteopathic conceptualisations, also demonstrate the laboratory set-up that was used to verify the effects of the application of these conceptualisations in practice. The practical part of the seminar will be focussed on the details of the hands-on processes during the palpation, proprioception and sensation that are involved during the application of the treatment methodology concepts on patients.


This seminar is the first in a row of seminars which will be looking at the evolution of osteopathic conceptualisations, treatment methodologies and technique modalities.


” Not only must you be able to locate the obstruction, but you must have the skill to remove it. “

Andrew Taylor Still, DO




The Stillian method and its application to the spine


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